A Big Push for Brazil: coordinated investments for a sustainable development path

A recent ECLAC report highlights that the massive investments required for a shift to a resilient, low carbon, sustainable economic model could be a ‘Big Push’ for a new cycle of economic growth, job creation and more social inclusiveness. Focused on policy...

Renewable Energy: the Cheapest Option, even Without Subsidies

A new study from the International Renewable Energy Agency assessed the Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2018. In the study, they found that unsubsidized renewable energy is now often the cheapest source of energy generation as it becomes increasingly competitive....

Four countries that declared climate emergencies and still give billions to fossil fuels

An article on Climate Home News sheds light on incoherencies between government statements and actions. The UK, France, Canada and Ireland formally recognized a climate crisis, and yet analysis shows that these countries give USD$27.5 billion annually in support for...

Government of Ireland unveil their Climate Action Plan

The Government of Ireland revealed their Climate Action Plan 2019 to tackle Climate Breakdown. The plan consist of 183 actions to support the government’s commitment to a “net zero carbon energy systems objective”. The key features of this novel plan include a...

Dutch Government push for EU-Wide Aviation Tax

Inspiring action from the Dutch government that, given the absence of an agreement at the European Union level, will seek agreement to impose a tax on the aviation sector with countries concerned about the current model of transportation tax, which does not reflect...

What are Green Fiscal Policies?

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