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Green Week 2016 Partner Event

Making Paris Happen – The role of fiscal policies for a low-carbon, inclusive green economy

31 May 2016, United Nations Office in Brussels, Rue Montoyer 14, B-1000

Green Week 2016 Partner Event organised by GIZ-UNEP-IMF in collaboration with GBG/FOS

Green fiscal policies are among the key tools needed to limit global warming to well below 2oC and mobilise financing for climate action. More than 90 countries have included some form of carbon pricing or other fiscal policies in their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). The Paris Climate Agreement paves the way for the further development of such market-based mechanisms. This growing momentum needs to be translated into further action.

This event examines the role of carbon pricing and green fiscal policies in implementing the Paris Climate Agreement and delivering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A keynote speech by Hans Eichel (Former Finance Minister, Germany, 1999-2005) explores how green fiscal reforms can help ‘make Paris happen’ by, for example, raising revenues and incentivising investment in low-carbon technologies. A high-level panel discussion explores what countries have committed to in their INDCs on fiscal reform and what still needs to be done to meet the Paris targets.

This is a Partner Event at Green Week 2016 which focuses on the theme of ‘Investing for a greener future’.

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Keynote speech – Hans Eichel – Making Paris Happen

Summary of Event – Making Paris Happen

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  • 2016 Fiscal Policy Workshop

    On 7 and 8 December 2016, the Green Fiscal Policy Network, in collaboration with the UNDP-UNEP Poverty Environment Initiative Asia-Pacific is organizing a regional workshop on Financing for the SDGs: The role of fiscal reforms, revenue management and sovereign wealth funds in the extractives sector in Bangkok, Thailand. You can read more about the workshop here.